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Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian

Portfolio of Combined Arts and Composition

My multi-disciplinary practice includes tactile ‘Eye-Music’ scores, digital installation and film, and instructional text. I build dynamic processes into the construction of my pieces, so that the creative process is continued by the performer, or audience. 

 A multi-disciplinary practice moving from tactile ‘Eye-Music’ scores, through digital installation and film to instructional text. Dynamic processes built into their construction extend the creative process from writing into performance. 

world window score 1 copy_edited.jpg

Eye-Music scores

Left to right:

How is a world like a window? Tactile musical score, 2012 Commissioned by Living Room in London quintet


House Music, tactile score commissioned by the Handel & Hendrix House, 2012


Inkwells, tactile score commissioned by the London Symphony Orchestra LSO Soundhub

British Composer Award nominee, Chamber

Performed below by Ziazan, LSO St Luke’s, 2017

Muted Lines red background 2.001.jpeg

Muted Lines, (for voice, saxophone, band/orchestra). Commissioned by Trish Clowes, 2017

A poem by Nahapet Kouchak is censored by Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian to represent how, despite the devastating cultural loss produced by forced migration and genocide, the void might be filled with something new. In this setting, the saxophone improvises in the silence as the lyrics gradually reduce to an essential message to "sing songs".  

British Composer Awards winner, Jazz

Cevanne - Rites For Crossing Water - 2022 - Coventry City of Culture.jpg

Sound Art Installation

Left to right:


Rites For Crossing Water, Crewdson & Cevanne
Digital projection, augmented reality book of instructional texts, EP (Accidental Editions), 2022

Instructional text, eye-music score, composition by Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian

Commissioned by Ludic Rooms, printed by Secret Knock, digitally released by Accidental Editions

Animated artwork by Jessica Glover

Ivor Novello Award nominee, Sound Art, 2023

The Enchantress and the Nightingale

Digital film and song, 2023

Composition, electronics, film by Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian

Directed by Seta White , performed by Ziazan

Filmed on location at Snape Maltings, 2022

Installed at The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout (below), 2023

Instructional Text

as rite and lore


Songs burned and 


Work in progress, 2023, demo text below

Blotting paper, Ink, Benzoin

Instructional text and print by

Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian

Spine illustration by Emily Juniper 

Exploring memory as a creative act, performed by everyone. A durational artwork, intended to be a book using material triggers for memory: scent and sound. Instructions to recall personal encounters with music would be printed on each page, and gradually burned as incense so that they are committed to memory again. 


Although born out of personal loss, this new project offers the reader-performer a chance to engage with these themes on their own terms, and through their own creativity.

Demo text songs burned.001.jpeg

Sketches of Songs burned and misremembered shared at 

Eavesdropping, Cafe Oto, The Red House, Britten Pears Arts

BBC Radio 3 New Music Show

Mahler-LeWitt studios

Soanyway Magazine

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