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Cevanne was composer-in-residence with the London Symphony Orchestra at 575 Wandsworth Road, generously supported by Susie Thomson and the National Trust.

She created a body of work in response to the house of Khadambi Asalache, a poet, civil servant and son of a Kenyan chief who filled his home with intricate fretwork carvings.

Work created while in residence was double nominated for the Ivors Composer Awards, winning the Jazz category with Muted Lines commissioned by Trish Clowes. The project has resulted in Welcome Party, an album available on NMC Recordings.





Handel & Hendrix in London


Cevanne was composer-in-residence in the house where two influential musicians once lived - George Frideric Handel and Jimi Hendrix.

She wrote new work, curated concerts, and hosted workshops.

Cevanne also invited artist Maya Ramsay to collaborate with guitarist Chris Montague and bassist Calum Gourlay. Maya’s created 'WALL OF SOUND' from wall-rubbings of Hendrix’s wallpaper. Its wood chip texture created dots on music manuscript, from which the musicians derived clusters of notes to create new music, supported by PRSF.

They premièred their work-in-progress at the London Jazz Festival 2015, Southbank, and opened Hendrix’s restored flat to the public in London 2016, alongside BAFTA winning-actress Jessica Hynes.


JC Griffiths

Snape Maltings



Cevanne HH and Seta White spent 10 days in residence at Snape Maltings to study a story which began there in response to a (cancelled) plan to build a carpark over the habitats of endangered species. Their Armenian 'Pinch Punch' team was joined by librettist Ziazan and dramaturg Abi Zakarian.

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