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Cevanne was composer-in-residence with the London Symphony Orchestra at 575 Wandsworth Road, generously supported by Susie Thomson and the National Trust.



Inspired by the fretwork carvings and paintings in Khadambi Asalache's home, 575 Wandsworth road. It is made of recordings of inkwells and items in the house.

voice & tape

house music

Handel House

soprano & harpsichord



Commissioned by Consortium 5 to commemorate the centenary of the death of Emily Wilding Davidson.

The religious and craft foundations of the Suffragette movement is represented by the triptych structure, with a cross stitched into the manuscript paper to highlight a repeated passage. Their violent actions and sufferings are represented by suturing.

recorder consort


en garde

Commissioned by Handel House, this is a playful piece in which a harpsichordist and percussionist duel. The score spins, and where it lands, the opponents play. You can buy a postcard of the score!

It was premièred by Manu Delago and Satoko Doi-Luck.

hang & harpsichord

 En Garde by Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian

art prints and postcards available in the shop

Commissioned by Living Room in London, this was Cevanne's first eye-music piece. It's inspired by the multilingual poem of Sayat Nova which could translate as either 'the world is a window' or 'the world is a cage'. The windows and bars cut into the piece are intended to reflect that.

hang, bass clarinet, 2 violins, cello

how is a world like a window?

“The highlight was arguably Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian’s How is a World like a Window? – an intriguing, vivacious stop-start piece. The audience were treated to an explanation of its experimental score, which had a square (like a window) cut out on each page, partially revealing notes below with each musician having a different version.” 


The Upcoming, 

Spitalfields Music Festival

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