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CD album in 6 panel digipak featuring portraits of the band by photographer Jodie Cartman, and design by Rich Greenan.


Stories of old England, modern throwaway culture, haunted forests and Artificial Intelligence are interwoven with field recordings of abandoned coal mines, plague stones, NASA space travel, archaeological digs and the deep, threatening hum of a nuclear power station which concludes the record. 


As heard at the BBC Proms 2019, shortlisted for the Ivor Novello Awards.


Released May 31, 2019




1. Broadcast Encounter

2. It's So Easy

3. Two Sisters 

4. Two Brothers 

5. Two Machines

6. Butter Hill

7. To Mighty Heaval

8. Servant Girl

9. Luxmore Flash

10. Round 3

11. They Forgot

12. Sisa's Well 

BRACE album

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