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Limited edition print of artwork by composer Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian. Printed on heavy archival A3 paper. Other sizes are available (A4, A6).

Signed and dated by the composer.

The line of music is from a retelling of the Armenian tale, “The Nightingale of a Thousand Songs”, libretto by Ziazan.

Nightingale: “Mistress, dangerous enchantress that caged thyself when thou caged me: let me sing my mournful song. Thou will not be free as long as I am held by thee.”

Sung by Abigail Kelly 2018, Arcola Theatre, London. More about it here:

Sales of this limited run contribute towards the development of this theatre piece.

Frame not supplied. Demonstrated with basic mount, but could be displayed without one, or with more, or less, space around the print, or in a shadow box.

BIRDCAGE physical print

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