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Cevanne Application to the Arts Foundation Supporting Materials

Tracks, Scores + Lyrics

Track 1) Ser Սեր (Love)
SATB - 2017 - duration 5’

Performed by the BBC Singers for BBC Radio 3

Commissioned by EFG London Jazz Festival and developed for BASCA

Ser.Սեր.Love - BBC Singers première 2017Cevanne
00:00 / 04:57

Track 2) WHAT’LL WE DO
(S)AT(B) (multi-tracked & electronically manipulated folk voices) 

2020 - duration 4’13”

Performed by Crewdson & Cevanne for Kings Cross Cubitt Sessions

Midi-Controllers (Light Dome, Sonic Bonnet)

built by Hugh Crewdson Jones

Text, Composition, and Field Recordings

by Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian, 2020

 “What’ll we do? What’ll we do with her head?”

    “Bake it into sourdough bread!”

“What’ll we do? What’ll we do with her hands?”

    "Sand ‘em down and clap ‘em to’!”

“What’ll we do? What’ll we do with her eyes?”

    "Take her eyes, water with lies,

      Take her hands, clap and sand

Take her head, bake into bread!” 


“What’ll we do? What’ll we do with her arms?”

    "Carry the baby, carry the dead!”

“What’ll we do with her heart?”

    “Wind a watch and make it start!

    Take her eyes, water with lies,

      Take her hands, clap and sand

    Take her head, bake into bread!”


“I can’t see you anymore.
You are distant
when I close my eyes.

I can’t see it anymore.

It is distant.”

Track 3) Paradox
SSA + String  Quartet - 2018 - duration 4’30”

Performed and commissioned by the Melodia Women’s Choir of NYC

Text by Zitkala-Sa, Blue Star Woman,
American Indian Stories, 1921: 

“It was a paradox 

upon a land of prophecy 

that its path to future glory 

be stained 

by the blood 

of its aborigines.”

Paradox, Melodia Women's Choir of NYC, CCevanne Horrocks-Hopayian
00:00 / 05:04
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