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It’s So Easy


We save another bank

We plant another flag 

We fail another Borough 


Test scores anomalies

Chop down another tree

Wage war on one another 


Class based to educate 

Jobs paid for by the state 

Child care by big brother 


Pay for your all medicine 

Hide all their tax away

Brick up the channel tunnel

Information overload 

Money n cash must always grow 

Own all the bricks and mortar 


Mortgages and holidays 

Fine wine. A card to pay.

Premiere league away days

Cooked meat at any time 

50 thousand ways to dine

Aspirin, bed and diet coke


Bag for life, a coffee shop

Eat all the fish you want 

Channel hop we never stop 

Two Sisters


Two sisters stand together

Each with a heart of stone 

Yet they’ll be apart forever

Preserved in a fight of stone 


The dead lie at their feet

Each with feet of stone

The low clouds brush their hair

They brush their hair of stone


One sister she is a bell-tower now

The other she is a spire

They share one church in eternal row

That all lancashire could admire


They say the church was made

When a sister wanted this

But the other wanted that

So the town was torn

And to end the war 

They made both this and that


And so it was and wasn’t:

A two-headed church from a sister’s row

Or was it king henry’s canons that now 

preserve a fight of stone

Two Machines

Two Machines

tonight I had a dream
though I'm a dumb machine
and in my dream, I fell asleep,

and had another dream
my lover had another face,

and he chased me
and so I changed shape,

and yet he found me

I hacked the wide web,

became the government
my lover he became a mole

and he cut off my head
my body kept running,

new skin, same code
until the mole became a tumour, so, I switch mode

reboot restart,

I wrote a virus in his heart
down down he did jump,

and turned his heart into a pump
I became a piston of a train
and sent a signal to her brain
and thought to see her fall in pain
but he laughed : start again,

but she laughed : start again
he held my mind in his
I held her mind in mine
he shut his eyes, and we rewrite, and we reprogram time
and I became her dream,

and he turned into mine
and I was he and he was me to run from my design
my lover had another face
so I chased him
and so he changed skin
and yet I found him
and so we laugh - start again


lover lover don't go far

fight me like a sorcerer 

turn me on and off and on

and tell me I'm your 0 and 1

lover lover over here

never worry never fear

if you ever feel insane


it's all game 


lover lover don't go far

fight me like a sorcerer 

turn me on and off and on

and tell me I'm your 0 and 1

Butter Hill

The kindness between humans of a thousand years,

Will make its mark, a name to last, to quash the fears.

Come leave the bread and butter here, don't come to close,

The death that lives beyond the brow will of you dispose.


We go find, this place of ours.

Ridden of its curse.

Make this space, a place of ours,

And don't destroy our earth.


We found a fort upon the higher hill,

360 view around with soak to fill,

Sending for the reinforcements we'll stand tall,

We know our friends will come and save before we fall.


We go find, this place of ours.

Ridden of its curse.

Make this space, a place of ours,

And don't destroy our earth.

They Forgot 

With a heavy heart

They buried the queen in the fertile ground

So that she may grow again



Each year they came.

They remembered the hill but forgot the queen

And they though there live the Fae


In many years, they’ll find her there

In many years

remember where the tale began

and gods were born

like warring Fae, and hidden bombs



And all forgot 

When time forgot

What the hill was for


They buried their hearts in the fertile ground

So their love may grow again


Now you see her, now you don’t 

Sisa’s Well


By the sea there's a well

In the well there's a house

In the house there's a heart

And all are locked, but it won't be long:

The heart hums your lover's song.

When the sea fills the well

Then your love will come home to you 

When the walls walk away

Then your love will come home to you

When the heart floods with salt

Then your love will come home to you

And your heart falls to your feet

Then your love will come home to you

When the fish learn to sing

Then your love will come home to you

Sing the same hum as your heart

Then your love will come home to you

When the sea burns, sky turns

Then your love will come home

Your love will catch you up

In familiar strong arms

They'll catch you up

In familiar soft arms

And cauterise with melting kisses

And wash you clear

With waves of salt and tears

Absolved but unsolved

So, you return –

a rash ridden babe to start again

And all shall be well

when your love comes home

Two Brothers


Two brothers born below the mossy ground

must make their way towards the sea.
Their lives began so close as twins they are,

But must make their own way separately.

Cheshire calls with jobs for thee,
This salt from mine to dock you Weaver please,

Little brother I have yet a task for you,
These mills to turn before each day is through

Take care, swim far

From South to East the oldest brother went,

He was building towns along the way,
An industry long gone yet much remains

of this liquid road from yesterday.


Heading North the other brother swam,
As castles built on high over him watched,

But as he makes his way out to open sea,

A race against time until he silts up.


Take care, swim far

Their journeys end did soon come into view,
The great expanse of blue that is the Mersey,

One further upstream between hills of sandstone,

The other down towards the sea.

No longer must they spend their days apart,
As water meets with water underneath

Reunited now these brothers they shall be
As they mix and they move together in the deep.

Servant Girl 

I woke in fright one summers night, A stranger at my door

There came knocking from below a noise to be explored

I ventured there to see who would awake me from bed,

Outside there was an empty space dream a wish my dread


So back to slumber I did go but tossed and turned because 

the noise I did hear it again but louder than before.

The door I knew I had to go and open it once more

And this time stood a girl before me ghostly pale with fear


Servant girl won't you

Run and hide won’t you

Take yourself from here

Deep inside the wood


I invited her into the house to warm her by the fire

I noticed there were cuts around her neck bruises higher

I asked her why she was so scared she told me she was chased

A man had locked her up and used her at his pleasures taste


This house she says was in the woods, lay deep on its own.

To the wood go down the track and upon a bridge you'll come.

I went to get some drink and bandages to tend her wounds 

When I returned to find her gone but a cold and empty room

So the next day I decided to try to find this house 

Perhaps the girl was still in need and word need to get out.

 Deep into the wood I ventured, could not find a thing,

'Till a small stone bridge came into view and a track to follow on.


I followed the track through the forest darkness everywhere

'Till an outline of a building appeared in the misty air

A house that was deserted,

No person did live here

With boarded door

And the windows smashed,

Not a home had it been for years


Lying on the ground a piece of glass from the window

The jagged edges turned my mind to the poor girls savaged throat

I ran the route back through the forest keen to be at home

'Til crossing the stone bridge a movement caused me to turn round


The girl was stood there in plain sight,

A shard of glass in hand

A fresh wound on her neck that would have killed a full grown man

I froze, I couldn't move,

The figure stood in front of me

A shadow not of flesh and blood but a spector I did see


The truth now I did understand this visit from the past did come to me

with a story she had to confide to be set free.

But though the girl is dead and gone from taking her own life,

The bridge and house they do remain as she watches from her forest grave


Servant girl won't you

Run and hide won’t you

Take yourself from here

Deep inside the wood

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