Written for the London Symphony Orchestra, supported by Susie Thomson. Part of a larger collection of pieces inspired by 575 Wandsworth Road, a property left by Khadambi Asalache to the National Trust.

Shortlisted for a BASCA British Composer Award in 2017. 


Vln. Vla. B.Cl.

Duration: 5'40" - 6'


The pitches and structure of this piece are derived from the process of reading Khadambi Asalache's poem in his study at 575 Wandsworth Road, and playing the recording back into the room - rerecording that, and repeating - to capture its acoustic resonance and tones.


The bass clarinet is intended to be positioned separately from the strings - offstage or behind the audience.

Strings default to senza vibrato, and there are two types of vibrato specified.

The duration of the bass clarinet multiphonics is not strict.



The Cave Painter

Khadambi Asalache


He waited:

an hour passed

a week passed

a year passed.

Then one day he

heard far off

a secret struggle;

an outline on

the far horizon

an animal’s horn.

He touched it

with his brush

scratched it

lightly and

suddenly a startled

deer pushed

its way through

the fresh paint.


'Cave Painting' score (vln. vla. b.cl)

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